Spinello, la Pietra della Speranza

Eccomi con un nuovo Cristallo del set Evoluzione, postato da Naisha Ahsian solo poche ore fa. Nei prossimi giorni metterò anche la traduzione, e più tardi aggiungerò la foto. Appartiene all’Elemento Acqua.

My card today from The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition

Chakras: Anahata (Heart) & Vishuddha (Throat)
Affirmation: “This, too, shall pass.”

Spinel is a stone of hope, elevating the emotions and assisting in overcoming depressive or negative thoughts and energies. Its magnesium content allows for the release of old emotional wounds and baggage, while its aluminum and oxygen elements stimulate new ways of looking at the world and life situations.

Spinel occurs in many colors, but it is red spinel that is best known. For thousands of years, red spinel was considered to be interchangeable with ruby corundum because the two are so similar in their appearance. Their energies, however, are entirely different. While Ruby stimulates life force energy through the physical body, Spinel affects the emotional energy body. It helps to boost the flow of energy through the emotional body, clearing it and lifting the heart above challenging emotional experiences.

In even the darkest of emotional storms, Spinel brings refreshment to the spirit. It helps you to remember that change is the only constant in life and that no situation or experience can last forever. If you can remain centered in the surety of change, there is always hope; no matter how dire a situation appears at the moment. The ancient Persian Sufi adage, “This, too, shall pass” encompasses profound spiritual wisdom and makes an excellent mantra when you feel defeated by circumstance or lose faith in your dreams.
Hope and Faith are integrally linked with one another. Faith is trust that there is a Divine Plan that is designed by a greater consciousness and intelligence, and that intelligence knows and considers your Highest Good. Hope is the expectation of that Highest Good manifesting without necessarily knowing what the Divine Plan intends. Hope causes you to expect a positive outcome, even when you cannot see what that outcome is or how it will manifest.

Spinel’s vibrations allow you to cultivate that feeling of Hope in your heart. It inspires a greater sense of trust in the Divine and helps to dispel negative thinking. Open your heart to the energy of Spinel and allow it to elevate your emotions and thoughts to a higher and more positive vibration.

The Message of Spinel
Spinel is encouraging you to have Hope and put a stop to cynical or negative thinking. You cannot see the whole plan and the way in which all of the players are involved, or how events are meant to unfold. There may be many aspects of your current situation that are hidden from you. When you allow Hope to fill your heart, you are displacing the negativity that this ignorance of the Divine Plan can create. You allow yourself to be inspired by the knowledge that there is a reason for the current situation that serves the Divine Plan, and that “This, too, shall pass.”

Since the only constant is that everything changes, that also means that those situations that are happy must also change. The ebb and flow of life encourage you to release attachment to the happy times as well as the difficult ones. Happy times will come once more, as will difficult times. What is most important is how you respond to these changes. Do you grasp and attempt to control or preserve the status quo? Or, do you release experiences with gratitude for the learning and memories they have given you? Spinel encourages you to let go of attachment and hold Hope in your heart, in anticipation of happy times to come.

There is a light breaking through the Storm clouds, and Spinel is bringing you the elevating message that you should, indeed, allow yourself to Hope.