Diamante, la Pietra della Trascendenza

Vi presento oggi il Diamante, uno dei nuovi Cristalli del set Evoluzione. Per il momento copio semplicemente il post in inglese di Naisha, poi nei prossimi giorni vi metterò anche la traduzione. Più tardi inserisco l’immagine della carta, che appartiene all’Elemento Tempesta.

The card for the day. 🙂

From The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition
by Naisha Ahsian

Chakras: All
Affirmation: “I cultivate mastery by challenging myself to transcend difficulty.”

Diamond is the highest evolution of pure carbon. Contrary to popular belief, most Diamonds do not form from coal, but instead, they are created through the transformation of other carbon bearing materials, such as limestone or dolomite. These common materials, put through intense pressure and heat, turn into the precious gem of transcendence.

Most Diamonds form in the mantle of the Earth when other carbon-based minerals are exposed to extremely high heat and pressure. This process of superheating and compression purifies and restructures the naturally dense and opaque carbon material until it is crystalline and clear. This process of undergoing intense purification and restructuring is a metaphor for the process of transcendence.

Spiritually, the process of transcendence is one of rising above your past experiences, problems, situations and personal state of being, by becoming stronger, clearer, and more capable of carrying and reflecting the Light. In this process of rising above, you leave behind the old stories and belief systems, clear old emotional patterns, and cleanse the channel of your spiritual consciousness. This process is not easy, as this level of purification and refinement requires that you undergo some pressure and some heat to rise above the past.

Diamond counsels us to recognize the tempering effects of difficult experiences and to use them as the furnace through which you become your strongest, most crystalline self. If you do not experience any situations that require you to test yourself, change, or improve, you will probably not have any incentive to grow. While the lack of effort may sound like an easy life, it is not one that helps you to fulfill your Soul path. It is not a lifestyle that helps you to temper yourself to become the best that you can be. Seeking comfort and ease in all things, in other words, gets you nowhere.
That’s not to say that martyrdom and suffering are desirable in themselves. There’s no call to become a martyr and seek out opportunities to bleed out of some misguided idea that suffering itself is a good thing. Our difficult experiences and situations are opportunities to develop and grow. As you grow, you will naturally have more inner strength and skill to overcome these situations and reveal your true self.

Diamond teaches us to be spiritually athletic in our approach to life, and to face challenging situations as opportunities. You can seek adventure through creatively solving your problems. You can challenge yourself to improve and gain self-confidence by overcoming your limitations and difficulties. You can increase your inner strength by doing the right thing instead of settling for the comfortable thing. You can find value in striving to live the best life you are capable of every day. Through this approach, you will transcend into a version of yourself that can experience more ease because what once was hard now becomes relatively easy to overcome.

Diamond teaches that you can not only overcome your hardships and challenging experiences but that they are, in fact, a foundational part of the lesson plan for your Soul’s learning here on Earth. Continually seeking ease and expecting the Universe to pave the way and clear all obstacles will leave you spiritually lazy and without the sparkling, crystalline quality that only a trip through life’s furnace can provide. Embrace the challenges and allow them to train you to transcend beyond them, into greater strength and light.

The Message of Diamond
Diamond is encouraging you to embrace the process of work that is required right now to transcend your current situation. It’s not going to go away by itself, and the Universe is not going to step in and take away all obstacles and difficulty. This is an opportunity for you to use your spiritual strength and personal power to overcome and transcend. You can experience deliverance by delivering yourself through your willingness to grow, change and improve.

What do you need to rise above? Is it an old belief, a past relationship, a current difficult situation? Diamond is reminding you that the only way out is through. You can challenge yourself to face what needs to change head-on. There is no “easy way” out. Every single path will have lessons and obstacles provided as part of your learning and spiritual training. Embrace this fact with curiosity and a sense of adventure, and you’ll soon find that what felt impossible to overcome is actually the vehicle of your transcendance!