Aura-Soma: Equilibrium Lecture

Personal Colour Code

Colour expresses part of the underlying order of the universe and speaks not only through the natural world, but through all the levels of our hue-man nature and beingness! It‘s easy to take colour for granted – probably because like so much of life, colour is everywhere and part of everything. Yet, despite its commonness, we relate to colour as a very personal preference – our choices of clothing and décor being the most obvious. As in the wellness models of like attracts like and like cures like, we are instinctively drawn to colours which reflect and support what we are. Within the Aura-Soma system we have the understanding of You are the colours you choose and these reflect your being‘s needs. Just as the colour of a plant or herb constitutes part of its signature, expressing aspects of its identity and function. Our own colour preferences can reveal the deepest aspects of who we are, what we are here to do and what we need for optimal wellbeing.

You are the colours you choose

Equilibrium, the dual coloured balancing elixir at the heart of the Aura-Soma system, helps to harmonise your whole being through its effect on the subtle energies of the electromagnetic field surrounding your physical body. As a sympathetic balancing tool, every Equilibrium combination works with each of us in a way that is uniquely resonant with our particular vibrational qualities. In affirming the link between our innermost identity and the colours we are drawn to, Vicky Wall, the inspired creator of Equilibrium, noticed again and again (despite her clinical blindness) that people were drawn to the same Equilibrium colours that compose their aura. At any moment in which you express a preference, you are expressing your individuality. The four bottles that compose your personal colour code represent a colour-matrix of your Self as both a personality in time and an eternal soul-being. In choosing the four Equilibrium colour combinations you are most drawn to, you are choosing not only consciously, but also from intuitive and even unconscious levels of yourself. Held within your colour preferences is information about your unique past, present and potential future and where you are in your journey in the expression of your particular set of challenges, gifts, potentials and purposes.

Decoding Your Colour Choices

Your personal colour code consists of your four bottles choices and the order in which you choose them. Also important are the energies and qualities of each colour, whether it appears in the upper or lower fraction of the bottle, the energetic relationships which emerge in the sequencing of the colour combinations, and the energetic properties of their botanical and crystal ingredients. All of this is combined with an energising intent for the greater good of the user which is infused into each Equilibrium combination. This is where working with an Aura-Soma trained colour consultant can be of tremendous help in understanding how all these aspects work together in the context and depth of your particular life story.

Your Colour Journey

Your colour preferences may stay with you throughout your lifetime, or they may change from time to time. A change in the colours you are drawn to in your bottle choices—as in your clothing or décor—can signify inner and outer change, a new message or purpose, or a time of potential growth, fulfillment or progress along your journey. As you learn the language of colour, your personal colour code can become a resource for self-knowledge and transformation, as it may accelerate the process of moving from conditioned patterns of karma (what we plant so shall we reap) to a life of dharma (the quality of attention and caring we bring to whatever we do). Working with colour energies may help to free you from the difficulties of the past. You may be able to express more of the brilliance and totality of your true colours in the here and now. As a consequence, you may become more available for contribution and service to your loved ones and friends, your community of neighbors and colleagues, and the planet that sustains us all.

Position 1 – Position 2 – Position 3 – Position 4

1. Mission and Purpose

A perspective of your soul-self and your lessons and purpose for this lifetime. Upper fraction colour reflects aspects of your personality and circumstances in this lifetime; lower fraction reflects aspects of your soul’s eternal essence and may indicate the colour of your Soul ray. The combination of the colours in the upper and lower fractions relate to your potential for this life.

2. Gift Bottle

The realisation and use of your greatest gifts and talents which support your soul’s essence and mission in this lifetime. The upper fraction reflects your ability to see and use the gifts in your challenges for growth and awareness. The lower fraction reflects gifts yet to emerge as your essence becomes more manifested. Midpoint between the beginning and the present.

3. Here and Now.

Progress from the 2nd bottle to the present. Upper fraction reflects how you have integrated lessons and challenges to realise their inherent gifts, and the degree to which you are being true to yourself and your talents as reflected in the intent and potential of your soul-purpose (as per the 1st bottle). The lower fraction reflects potential support still to be tapped.

4. Present Future

The energies that you are drawing towards your or what you are moving toward. Reflects a completion, the most likely outcome, or next step of expression in present circumstances. Your willingness and cumulative development of the potentials in the 1st three bottles determines when these energies will be accessible to you. The upper fraction reflects awareness and readiness; the lower fraction awareness waiting to coalesce and manifest.

Due miliardi di anni fa

Vi riporto questo interessantissimo articolo dal sito Giardino dei Libri. Ero convinta che questo stranissimo e straordinario minerale non cristallo non si potesse assolutamente bagnare, e invece… Buona lettura.


I Cristalli dell’Elemento Terra

Ieri sera a Fonte di Luce abbiamo attivato Galena. È una vera bomba! In sinergia con Moldavite che portavo al collo e Granato che avevo alle orecchie mi ha rivoltato come un calzino… Il mese di settembre sarà tutto dedicato all’Elemento Terra e allo sciamanesimo (ieri sera viaggio guidati dal tamburo, settimana prossima le campane tibetane per la guarigione energetica). Ne approfitto quindi per rimettervi i link di tutte le Carte dei Cristalli di tale elemento, in attesa di tradurre l’articolo completo su Granato che sarà la pietra del mese di ottobre e concluderà l’anno celtico.

Elemento Terra

Triade della Stella della Terra: Pirite, Cuprite, Ematite

Tormalina Nera o Sciorlite

Ossidiana (varietà scure)

Rubino, Eliotropio o Diaspro Sanguigno, Granato

Quarzo Fume’ e Quarzo Morione

Legno Pietrificato (Legno Fossile, Agata Xiloide, Xilopalo)

N.B. Di questi cristalli trovate solo il messaggio della carta; uno per volta tradurrò dal libro anche gli altri, oltre al Granato, per fare un articolo completo.