Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana.

L’Isola di Avalon

L’Isola di Avalon.

Worlds of Professor Ludvig : Vatican’s library of EXTRA TERRESTRIALSx




Professor Ludvig


Evidence of Aliens visited Earth

and ancient codes found in Vatican’s library

by Russian Scientist in the 20’s

Professor Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig was a highly educated Russian scientist, an inmate of Stalin’s concentration camps, a philosopher, a scholar of ancient languages, daring architect, a teacher, a freethinker who lived in the stifling ideological climate of Communism. A person who did not break down under enormous pressure, torture, and betrayal.


Sovershenno Sekretno, a very popular and respected Russian newspaper, published an article in its October 2011 issue. The author is Vladimir Kucharyants, writer and journalist. The title is (in English) Worlds of Professor Ludvig.

Vladimir Kucharyants was his student in the 1960s, but only in recent years has discovered the scope of Professor’s Ludvig’s knowledge, ideas, and legacy. There is much more that needs to be discovered, and the Russian writer continues his…

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